• "Mary's Art Class was a wonderful discovery. I got a gift of it from my daughter. I am now completely smitten. Mary is a wonderful teacher, with a great eye and I really like her work on the Burren. She has just the perfect advice when I am in doubt about what to do next. Working in watercolours with her has been an insightful journey. I can't wait for the next class." Triona
  • "Amazing and enjoyable class - I've learned so much.I had never painted in my life and have, under the guidance of Mary, produced some decent paintings and made some great friends also - definitely recommend it." Rita
  • "Mary provides the perfect environment for artists to explore and develop their creativity. She herself is hugely talented. In her gentle and effective manner she encourages students, of all ages and levels, to produce beautiful pieces of work." Anna
  • "I have been attending "Art for fun" with Mary Roberts for the past few years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have used watercolours, acrylics and oils and I'm amazed at the progress that I have made. Mary's advise is delivered with love, humour and encouragement. The small class means that everyone gets personal attention. I feel that I learn something new every time that I attend. I wouldn't miss my art class for anything." Kay 
  • " Mary is the most encouraging art teacher one is likely to have. Those who are convinced that they have no artistic ability, with Mary's encouragement and knowledge they will soon be producing art they can be proud of." Mary