Art Commissions Terms & Conditions

1.  In these Terms and Conditions you are herein after referred to as the Client, and Mary Roberts the Artist. The Client commissions the artist and the Artist accepts the commission to provide artwork for the fee, as mutually agreed between both parties.

2.  A detailed brief will be put in place, signed, and a copy held by both parties.

3.  A fifty percent (50%) booking deposit, of the amount agreed upon, must be submitted before commencement of the artwork.

4.  The balance of the fee, to be paid on completion.

5. If requested, the Artist will email the Client a copyrighted progress picture of the artwork before completion.

6.  The Client will have the opportunity at this stage to recommend minor adjustments or changes within reason. The Artist will accept a maximum of two [2] requests to change the artwork.

7.  Other than stated at (6), if the Client requests a change surpassing the original detailed brief, an additional charge of up to a maximum of fifty percent [50%] of the total client quote shall be incurred.

8.  In the event of cancellation of the commission by the Client, a cancellation fee will be made on the following basis:

a)  Cancellation advised in writing, received before the Artist commences the artwork will lead to a full refund of the booking deposit, (subject to a small administrative fee which will be deducted from your cancellation refund).

b)  Cancellation advised in writing, received after the Artist commences the artwork will lead to the loss of deposit.

9.  The Artist shall be entitled to terminate this contract without liability, if for any reason beyond her control, the Artist is unable to provide the commissioned artwork due to illness. The Artist will use all reasonable endeavours to locate a replacement Artist, on agreement with the Client, but failing to do so will refund all monies paid, but this will be the limit of her liability.

10.  The Artist reserves copyright of the artwork.